About me

I am a third year PhD student at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford and the Alan Turing Institute, supervised by Professor Chris Holmes. Previously, I completed an MEng in information engineering at the University of Cambridge.


I am interested in the foundational intersection between prediction and Bayesian inference, with the goal of tackling the challenges of computation and model misspecification through generalizations of the Bayesian update. I focus on scalable Bayesian nonparametric methods such as the Bayesian bootstrap, and am interested in the wider applications of Bayesian methods in statistical machine learning.


  • I recently interned (remotely) at Roche with Chris Harbron.
  • I was a finalist for the 2020 Facebook Fellowship.
  • I was a visting researcher at UT Austin in October 2019, working with Stephen Walker.
  • My work on the marginal likelihood and cross-validation was featured on Talking Machines, Ferenc Huszár’s blog, and Christian Robert’s blog.
  • My paper on Nonparametric Learning was selected for a long oral at ICML 2019.